Rivolver 20″ x 32″ Vari-Speed Wood Lathe


The Rivolver CWI-WL825, our newest, extremely robust, floor model wood lathe is designed and built to be the ultimate machine for woodturners looking for very advanced performance in a wood lathe.

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The Rivolver CWI-WL825, our newest, extremely robust, floor model wood lathe is designed and built to be the ultimate machine for woodturners looking for very advanced performance in a wood lathe.

The CWI-W8L25 offers amazing power, unique intuitive options, very advanced features, packed into a compact yet extremely robust 20” x 32” wood turning capacity. This very heavy-duty robust cast iron wood lathe is designed to take your woodturning projects to new heights with bigger power, larger bowl turning abilities and more convenience. Crafted with precision engineering and packed with very advanced features and additional options, this lathe is truly in a league of its own.

There are a number of large robust wood lathes on the market for advanced turners, but all come with price tags that are unachievable to some. The Rivolver CWI-WL825 has been developed to be a feature packed, heavy duty, advanced wood lathe, but with a value we feel is important to most woodturners trying to get to the next level in their hobby or business.

While the CWI-WL825 is ideal for turning pens, goblets, and other small projects, it is really built for advanced turners looking for that next big, beautiful, chunk of ugly wood that will be turned into something unimaginable to most. While the basic design of the CWI-WL825 is capable of handling most woodturning projects, the lathe really reaches its capability with our optional 18” cast iron extension. This CWI-WL825-EX extension opens the doors to so much more on the lathe. It can be mounted at either end of the main cast bed for additional length, or it can be mounted on either cast iron leg for much deeper outboard turning, or it can be mounted in the middle of the machine bed, sideways, for even more projects. The heavy-duty cast-iron stand also allows for user-made shelving for storing tools. This very advanced cast iron machine, at over 500 pounds, is surely a work horse, but also a work horse with additional features completely designed for the advanced turner.


2200-Watt 220 Volt Motor

The Rivolver CWI-WL825 is powered by 8-amp, 2200 watt (3 HP) three phase industrial motor controlled by an advanced computerized inverter system that converts the three-phase power motor to run on single-phase power. This very advanced inverter system also provides variable speed and extremely strong torque control. The CWI-WL825 offers two speed ranges, infinitely variable from 0 to 1350 rpm and 0 to 3550 rpm, all without losing torque. This means even at the lowest speeds this lathe still provides tremendous vibration free control and power.

Enhanced Control Systems

The Rivolver CWI-WL825 offers a very advanced portable controller which allows for stop/start functions, simple, smooth variable speed adjustments as well as forward reverse functions with the flip of a switch. The controller is tied into the power box of the machine with a long flexible cord and a magnetic backing to allow the user to place the control in any convenient position while operating the machine, for fast simple adjustments at the tip of your fingers. Great for working on the front or back sides of the machine for special operations. There is also a digital speed read out to always know the speed you need.

Simple Speed Changes

The CWI-WL825 utilizes a flat ribbed poly belt to transfer all that power to the spindle of the machine. To change between speeds simply unlock the robust adjustment handle and release the tension on the belt to move it to the second set of precision pulley sizes.


The CWI-WL825 also features a robust and accurate indexing pully on the spindle assembly for specialized projects like fluting. Simply slide the indexing pin through the cast iron head into any one of the 36 indexing positions.

Compact Design

With a swing over the bed of 20” and a standard spindle capacity at 32”, this lathe offers more features than any other lathe in its class. One unique feature of this lathe is the swing away tailstock mount. When you want to perform outboard turning at the end of the bed simply slide the tailstock onto the swing away mount, unlock, and swing the tailstock out of the way. Much more convenient than removing the tailstock from the machine manually and heaving it off to a shelf or the floor for storage. The key to this advanced design lathe is the optional CWI-WL825-EX 18” extension for use in bowl turning. By attaching the extension to the heavy cast iron leg of the machine it increases bowl capacity from 20” to an amazing 36”.  The extension can also mount to the main bed to increase bed length from 32” to 50” or the extension can be mounted to the middle of the cast iron bed to increase bowl capacity from 20” to 24” without removing the tailstock. The extension comes with two lengths of tool rest extensions for use on either bowl turning stations. The headstock itself not only is easily moved from one end of the bed to the other but also swivels up to 360 degrees for use sideways or on either end of the lathe for bowl turning.

Versatile Drive System

The headstock on the CWI-WL825 is a standard 1.25” x 8 TPI external thread with a #2 morse taper spindle inside. These standard sizes easily allow for many standard faceplates, chucks, and centers.  The tailstock also allows for #2 morse taper accessories. Included on both headstock and tailstock are convenient metal handwheels for simple tooling changes and mounting of the work piece.

Included Accessories

The Rivolver CWI-WL825 comes complete with a precision ground 6” faceplate, #2 Morse Taper four prong drive spindle, precision ball bearing driven center and a heavy duty 12” tool rest with 1” post. The tool rest is specially designed with a hardened steel rod, laser welded to the cast iron rest for extreme life expectancy and smoothness of use. The 1” precision ground steel post is actually threaded into the cast iron rest with an M10 thread making the post replaceable. Rivolver offers these special designed tool rests in optional 4” to 12” sizes and posts in 1” or 5/8” diameter to fit many different wood lathes on the market today. Also included is a convenient tool holder for wrenches, centers, knock out bar (etc.) mounted to the end of the bed.


There are several Rivolver options available for this lathe including four jaw woodturning chucks, 18” cast iron bed extension, 3”-6” face plate sizes, drill chucks both keyed and keyless and 4” to 12” precision tool rests. For this model we recommend our CWI-WLC3.75 four jaw chuck or the full woodturners kit, CWI-WLC3.75-KT, which includes the chuck and many accessories for most any project you might consider on this lathe.

The Rivolver CWI-WL825 is an extremely robust mid-size wood lathe with a versatility just not available on so many lathes. Especially with the option of the 18” extension the CWI-WL825 becomes a machine so versatile, so strong and so nice to use it makes no sense to spend so much more on other similar machines. More features, more performance, more options and amazingly smooth. A pleasure to use for any woodturner.


  • Motor 2200 Watt (3 HP) 220 Volt 8 Amp Single Phase with Computerized Control
  • High Torque Variable Speed in Two Ranges 0-1350/ 0-3550 RPM
  • Electronic Digital Speed Read Out
  • Moveable Magnetic Controller for Operator Convenience
  • Forward and Reverse Rotations
  • Cast Iron Headstock with 36 Position Indexing
  • Rotatable Headstock for Increased Bowl capacity
  • Metal Handwheels on both Headstock and Tailstock
  • Swing Away Tailstock Mount
  • Spindle Thread 1.25” x 8 TPI
  • Morse Taper Spindle #2 Headstock
  • Precision Cast Iron 12” Tool Rest with hardened steel laser welded rolled edge
  • Replaceable precision ground steel Tool Rest 1” Post
  • Morse Taper Spindle #2 Tailstock
  • Standard Swing Over Bed 20″ (24” and 36” with Options)
  • Distance Between Centers 32″ (50” with Options)
  • Spindle Thread 1.25” x 8 TPI
  • Precision Ground Steel Face plate 6”
  • Four Prong Drive Center #2 MT
  • Precision Ball Bearing Live Center #2 MT
  • Floor Space 53″ x 21″ x 48”
  • Shipping Size 55″ x 25″ x 25″
  • Machine Weight 506 lbs (230 kg)
  • Shipping Weight 603 lbs (274 kg)


  • CWI-WL825-EX 18” Cast Iron Extension
  • CWI-WLC3.75 Four Jaw 3.75” Lathe Chuck
  • CWI-WLC3.75-KT Four Jaw 3.75” Lathe Chuck with carry case and many turning accessories.